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Berlins backyards as a visual spiritual home. 30 x 40 CM 4 Color screen print. Available online now.

About Serigraphica

Sebastian Wagner, graphic artist and art printer from Berlin is behind the small graphics workshop Serigraphica. The works shown in the online shop all come from his pen and are traditionally hand-screen-printed by himself.
Various techniques are used to create the graphics. Photomontages and sketches are used as a starting point, which are then mostly cut out of masking film by hand with a scalpel and combined with vector shapes from computer programs or alienated photographs on the light table.
This graphic work is a constant search for what distinguishes screen printing from other printing techniques and how its strengths can be used creatively. An attempt to merge design and printing technology with the aim of working out your own graphic point of view.
In addition, I give screen printing courses in a wide variety of formats in and outside the workshop. I started like this myself and always learned from others who crossed my path. It is important to pass on knowledge and enthusiasm for a technique. Printing is fun.



Boxhagener Platz 
9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Flea market at Mauerpark
10:00 am – 6:00 pm


bob Box-of berlin
Zimmer Str. 11; 10969 Berlin
(Berlin motifs)

Rosenthaler Str. 39; 10178 Berlin

Screen printing

For those who do not know exactly what screen printing is. This is how I print my pictures. Screen printing has nothing to do with asn out-print. Real handcraft.
Screen printing is a stencil printing process. Each color is printed one at a time.
if you want it exactly, you will find an article on the technology at wikipedia:


-> screen printing

Hire me!

In addition to free printmaking, I work as a freelance graphic artist. I make illustrations, design flyers, brochures, know the secrets of final artwork (prepress) and design beautiful websites (such as this one). I don’t shy away from more difficult tasks such as online shops, multilingualism, etc.


Serigraphica is not a contract workshop. I print exclusively for myself, or for projects and workshops.
There are exceptions: occasionally I invite a graphic artist to print your work with me. But then no money flows, but after printing the print run is divided and everyone can do what they want with it.